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CORTEN Chenin - Wine of France

CORTEN Chenin - Wine of France


Our "100% Chenin" wine is a new cuvée called CORTEN .

It is a limited edition wine: only 400 bottles in stock!

It is a high-end wine with a limpid appearance.

Its slightly silvery color and its pale yellow color awaken our senses with a bouquet of remarkable aromas on the nose such as apricot, citrus peel or even a touch of quince.

On the palate, this wine offers us a perfect balance.

An elegant, refreshing minerality with a smooth and round side that we obtain thanks to the aging in barrels of 8 months and which brings aromas of brioche.

At the end of the palate you will be able to feel long fruity notes of white flowers which will make you want to taste them again and again tirelessly.

  • Grape varieties

    Dry white wine 100% chenin.

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